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Seeking a position in Public Relations with a dynamic organization that will offer me the opportunity to gain practical experience and expand my knowledge base.

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Many of my college classes require that I participate as a member of a team or small working group, taking responsibility for various tasks, and collaborating with others. In addition, I have participated in competitive athletics throughout my life and understand the value of teamwork.


Throughout my athletic career and academic experiences, I have successfully assumed numerous leadership positions and am very comfortable taking on the leadership role.


I am an effective communicator, both oral and written form. I possess strong interpersonal skills and enjoy working with people.


I have strong experience using Microsoft Word, Audacity, SONY Movie Studio, Notepad++, Adobe Photoshop, Excel, and multiple forms of social media.

Volunteerism & Community Service

As a member of the SUNY Plattsburgh Women's Ice Hockey Team, I've participated in various community engagements. Some of these include:

Walking to Remember - Alzheimer's Walk: Fall 2015
Walking to Remember's main objective is to bring awareness and donations towards the local center. For the fundraiser, we walked along the Saranac River Trail in support of those with Alzheimer's disease.
Ted K. Earth Day - Million Can Redemption Plan: Spring 2015
The Ted K. Center partnered with SUNY Plattsburgh to collect one million redeemable bottles and cans. As a team, we went door-to-door collecting these bottles and cans from various neighborhoods. All of the proceeds went to the Ted K. Center, which provides educational, social, and recreational opportunities to the children of the Plattsburgh Housing Authority.
Plattsburgh Heart Walk: Spring 2015
The Plattsburgh Heart walk is used to help raise funds towards the North Country American Heart Association. As a participant, I walked around the U.S. Oval with several people who have been personally affected by Heart Disease and Stroke.

Interests & Hobbies

I love watching movies of all genres. It always fascinates me seeing the different stories people can create and tell through visuals
Similar to movies, I enjoy reading a variety of books. I enjoy fiction, but also find myself enjoying biographies of some of my favorite people.
Personally, I cannot get through the day without listening to music. I love having it on while I clean my room, make food, and even while doing my homework. I can always find a song the fits my mood.
As an athlete, working out plays a huge role in my life. It allows me to stay fit and in shape, but also serves as a stress reliever.
In my free time, I love watching different shows on Netflix. I can only watch one series at a time until I finish the all the seasons. Some of my favorites include Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, and One Tree Hill.

Contact me: eviol002@plattsburgh.edu or 716-435-1391

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