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Quizizz: Color Quiz

Quizizz is an interactive quiz site for students and teachers to create and complete quizes on any subject.


Kahoot! is a multiple-choice style quizzing site that enhances student understanding on specific material in an interactive way.


ABCya! is a website for teachers and parents to have the opportunity to encorporate learning in a fun way! This site has an abundance of games that children can play, alone or with others. This website is made for grades K-5.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an educational marketplace filled with resources to enhance instruction. This website allows you to use materials from other teachers while also sharing some of your own!


Raz-Kids is an online guided reading program with interactive ebooks, downloadable books and reading quizes.


Storybird allows users to make their own visual stories in minutes! This is also a site that provides free books, picture books & poetry.

Class Tools: Random Name Picker

This is a fun way to ensure all students are involved in the activity that the class is doing. This site has a wheel that spins with each students name in their own section. It is a fair way for each student to take turns participating.

Cool Math Games

Cool Math is a website for children to explore and play math games. There are different sections based on strategy, skill, logic and trivia.


Starfall is a website designed for kindergarteners and first graders. It is tailored to learning ABC's, reading and phonics.

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets provides a lot of resources for teachers and parents in regards to reading and writing strategies. This website contains mini lessons, full explanation of strategies and handouts that are free to use.











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