SUNY Plattsburgh

My college education in SUNY Plattsburgh relates to my job search because I am learning all of the basics of what it is to be a journalist and a publicist. Even though I might not be learning about the fashion industry, I believe that I could adapt my skills and knowledge of journalism and public relations into any specific area that I could potentially get myself into.

Public Relations
I've recently declared a major in so I haven't had many opportunities to do activities or publications for the field.
I have taken many journalism classes thus far in my college career and I have been able to write articles and different types of stories. I've written travel pieces this past semester in my travel class and I've also written news-writing stories in my news writing class.
Digital Media
I've had a little experience with digital media and creating stories on video, interviewing people through a camera and a microphone.

College Activities or Publications


APN is an online magazine produced by the students of SUNY Plattsburgh. It focuses on fashion, entertainment, arts, food, heath, and wellness. I write tidbits and articles relating to these subjects every week and they are published online.

The Burgh Beat

The Burgh Beat is a online newspaper written by students. It contains news-features covering news and issues in the City of Plattsburgh. I wrote five stories throughout this course and had to turn in each story every two weeks, which was then published on this website.