Hello, I’m a Computer Science Major with a minor in Web Design currently at SUNY Plattsburgh. One of my biggest goals in life is to work for Apple as either a Web Designer, Software Engineer, or any job that allows me to continue being a creative. The reason why is because I first started using Apple computers, I have always wondered what their new product had to offer. Also studying computer science there’s so many paths you could follow, so taking this course, I could possibly decide if this is another thing I’m interested in.

The reason why I think that I will be good for this job is because I’m passionate about these things. When I’m giving an assignment or an task, I always try to make sure that I could make it loveable, and enjoyable by a numerous amount of people. I always give it my all and never back down from a challenge. One quote I like to live by is, “Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week”.

If I’m given the opportunity to make one of my lifelong goals come true, not only would it be life-changing for me, but it will be life changing for others around me and after me. From growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I’ve seen many people get older with not much hope or support from others around them. A lot of them feels like they could never get out of what we call the “hood”, so it makes them strive for less then what to could actually accomplish.