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My senior year of high school, I needed to pass Algebra 2 / Trigonometry in order to get my advanced regents diploma. The last half of my senior year I buckled down. I struggled in it the first semester and wasn’t letting that advanced regents get away. I was in my teacher’s office before and after school, during study halls, and even during my lunch to work on classwork and homework. It paid off as I ended up getting an 82 on my regents. It showed me that hard work does pay off and I apply that mentality that I had towards that class to many other things in my life. I have also successfully passed all of my classes through college. That's something I am proud of.

Interests and Hobbies

I am probably the biggest sports fan you will ever meet. Football, baseball, basketball, you name it. I threw the shot put for indoor track in the winter and played baseball in the spring my junior and senior years of high school. From November to April, I play flag football almost every weekend. I’m constantly playing and watching sports. One major reason why I want to get into sports journalism. I love computers as well. One of my hobbies is uploading videos to YouTube. I record my football games, edit the game film, and upload it to YouTube.

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