Lawyer by day — Journalist by night

As a kid I dreamt of exposing the bad guys and helping the good ones. Journalists are in charge of bringing awareness and lawyers are in charge of protecting those in the story, that’s how my future careers correlate. My great grandfather always called me his little lawyer. “You have a strong character and you know how to use it,” he said. He also told me it’s an art to be able to get information out of people without them noticing you’re just being noisy.

I will be graduating May of 2019 from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism . I will further my education in law school.

I’ve had many leadership opportunities during my time at plattsburgh. One of them being the Vice President of the Women’s Rugby Team. My job is to make sure everyone’s insurance and physicals are on file incase of an injury, amongst other things. Another leadership position I’ve had was having the pleasure to represent the Housing Association in my school as the president of my building and helped coordinate events for the whole campus.

I hope that my writing, communication and leadership skills are exactly what you’re looking for in an employee. I am a very ambitious person who goes above and beyond for what she wants or believes in. Therefore, I will be a great candidate wherever I go.


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