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Longitude and Latitude Lesson

WWI - Exploring the Treaty of Versailles

Technology  Integrated Lesson


Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information. Students:

a. plan strategies to guide inquiry.

b. locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media.

c. evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.

d. process data and report results.

NYS Social Studies Standards and Performance Indicators applicable to this lesson:

Standard - 3 – Geography (9th grade)

Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of the geography of the interdependent world in which we live-local, national, and global-including the distribution of people, places, and environments over the Earth's surface.

Performance Indicator - select and design maps, graphs, tables, charts, diagrams, and other graphic representations to present geographic information.

Lesson Objective

The students will be able to list and describe major geographic features and countries of the African continent.

Introduce the Learning Activity:

A. I will introduce the learning activity by writing a bell-ringer question on the board. The question will ask the students to write down as many African countries as they can on a piece of paper. After the students have written down their answers, I will then write down their responses on the board.

Assuming that the students do not perform so well on the bell-ringer, I will then ask them why they think they were so bad with their African Geography? After discussing possible answers to this question I will then inform the students that today they will enlightened on the countries ans geographical features of Africa.

B. The teacher will display a brief video, which discuss a geographical overview of the major geographical features on the continent.

Provide Information:

The students will be given a guided notes worksheet to fill out during the video. The guided notes worksheet will go over the major points in the video.

After the video, the teacher will inform the students to access http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/African_Geography.htm and participate in the Countries- Level L, Level 1, Level 2, Geo-regions L, Geo regions G, & Rivers L geography games.

Upon completion of each of the games, the students will then have to individually design a informational brochure for either a African country or Geographic region which they learned about from one of the geography games. The students will have the opportunity to look through online sources listed on my website to gather information on the country or geographic region they have selected.

The teacher will create a exemplar of the brochure that each individual student will have to make to display to the class. The brochure should contain at least two visuals and three categories (by choice) of information- potential categories include-politics, climate, culture, economics, natural resources, fun facts, etc.

At the end of the period the teacher will pass out an exit slip to the students asking them to list as many African countries and Geographic regions as they can. The students should be able to see a significant increase in their knowledge compared to the bell-ringer.

Provide Practice:

I will allow students to get to work, using the online geography games and the brochure maker website. I will make my way around the room, checking up on students and monitoring their work.

Provide Knowledge of Results:

As I walk around the room, I will be providing assistance to any students that needs my help. I will be giving verbal feedback to let the students know how they are doing. I will also be collecting a copy of the students brochures and exit slips. I will review them and hand them back them next class.

Review the Activity:

During the closure of the lesson, I will ask the students to volunteer and enlighten the class on any new country that they became aware of or any new geographical fact that they learned about Africa because of this lesson.

Method of Assessment:

To assess learning, there will be a African map portion on the next exam. I will also be taking verbal cues and asking questions of my students to see if they learned the material during the lesson as well as collecting the exit slip.


Video- Nat_Geo

Geography games

Brochure design website

African Studies Center

Mount Kilimanjaro

Sahara Desert

African Geography

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