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College Fashionista

My internship experience with My internship experience with College Fashionista was a memorable one, which is why I returned this fall as a style guru. My first semester as a style guru composed of writing monthly articles regarding fashion, lifestyle, and trends. Publishing three articles, with high-quality photos regarding great colors for black women in the summertime, Fashionable outfits for a brunch date, and Back to school outfit for a procrastinating fashionista. As a Style Guru, I also played the role of an ambassador for the organization.This position This required me to think creatively and stay updated with current trends in the fashion world. I was required to be punctual with articles, making sure to always submit it early and free of errors. I currently participate in social media workshops and promoting the organization on social media.

David Wolfson & Associates

My internship experience at David Wolfson and Associates took place this summer in the heart of NYC fashion district. My daily activities consisted of research and ideas for social media expansion. My responsibilities as an intern consisted of developing techniques to improve the company’s website and social media outlets, to increase both the followers and viewers. I was also able to utilize my knowledge and sense of fashion to propose ideas and input on how to style new trends. I spent some time getting accustomed to Microsoft excel and formulating organized sheets for sheets for client purchases and influencer giveaways. On busy days, I assisted with deliveries and shipment from the factory. Lastly, I spent the final day of my internship capturing footage at my bosses events.

Noma NYC (Clothing Brand)

My internship experience with Noma NYC was actually my first internship in which I had played the role as a publicist with a client. I held many responsibilities, such as being the Marketing Director for the brand's social media accounts. With this responsibility, I specifically focused on customer service, promotion, and outreach. Along with this, I Contributed ideas to the brand, styled models for photo shoots and developed and managed digital marketing campaigns for events, contact influencers, and assisted with the summer pop up shop.

Sippin With Sistas (Event)

Sippin With Sistas was an event I curated and hosted with the purpose of unifying the Black women at SUNY Plattsburgh. The event was planned with hopes to connect the Black/African American women on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus, providing them with an opportunity to have a safe space to discuss personal remedies, beauty, entrepreneurship, struggles, and the importance of mentorship and career guidance.

ESI (Expanded Success Initiative)/ EPIC

Interning with ESI was one of the best internship experiences I have ever had. It has helped me develop both personal and professional skills and allowed me to work in a mature setting at a very young age. My job consisted of working with adult partners, in designing 3 new high schools in the NYC district. These schools are known as EPIC, and they focus on the on the educational achievement,and advancement of Black and Latino students.During the 3 year period, I helped facilitate the summer bridge program for two consecutive years.During my last year with the program, I presented at SXSW (South by Southwest) on the topic of “Putting People of Color at the Center of Design”.


Emmanuel Presbyterian Reformed Church
Youth Instructor: As a youth instructor atEmmanuel Presbyterian Reformed Church,I engage in various activities with the youth. A few of my responsibilities consist of helping the children with their homework every Sunday from 1-3pm. Setting aside time every Friday from 7-8pm to do bible studies, and sings hymns.
SBP New Orleans
National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Student Volunteer: During my time at the NABJ National Association of Black Journalists conference in New Orleans, I took part in the volunteer service for SPB .My work consisted of painting, and tiling destroyed homes, from the-the hurricane Katrina's aftermath. I worked alongside a team of adults and student in which we collectively worked on specific sections of the home, ensuring that it would be safe for families to come back. The experience was one I will never forget.
SUNY Plattsburgh Educational Opportunity Program
Book Drive Volunteer: For the past two years at SUNY Plattsburgh

,I supported the educational opportunity program (EOP) during the time of their book drive. This book drive takes place once each semester, and at Plattsburgh public library. I helped with the unpackaging of books and organizing them into shelves. I was able to interact with community members and share a common interest with had in books while doing service for the library.

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