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The State University of New York at Plattsburgh

As a current junior at SUNY Plattsburgh I have grown to understand who I am, and my purpose in life. With the help of my classes, social experiences, and the insightful leaders I have met here, I’ve developed and obtained the necessary skill to perform and excel in my future career. A career as a media executive and entertainment journalist at a high-end media company, while also being a publicist at a fashion company of my interest. Below are a few classes that have helped me prepare for my pathway to success.

Public Speaking:
In Public Speaking, I learned how to properly articulate myself when telling giving a presentation.
Principles of Public Relations:
In Principles of PR, I gained insight on what Public Relations is, and the possible jobs available in the field. I also learned the ins’ and outs’ of the field, and how to properly present a case. Lastly, I developed the necessary skills to help me function as a PR Practitioner.
Social Media for PR:
In Social Media for PR, I gained insight on how to properly brand myself on multiple social media outlets. I learned the importance of telling my story through social media, and how to interact with my audience and followers. Lastly, I gained knowledge on how social media can help you create an image for yourself.
Business & Professional Communication:
In Business and Professional Communication, I gained tips on how to give presentations accurately and concisely. I also learned ways in which I can persuade my audience on an idea I am I am passionate about.


The Plattsburgh Association of Black Journalists (Plattsburgh Chapter of NABJ)

As the previous Director of Public relations for the SUNY Plattsburgh chapter of NABJ, I overlooked and directed all broadcasts efforts of the club through the web, social media, and video mediums.Now, as the current Vice President of Broadcast, I Provide the Social Media Committee with direction regarding ways to increase membership and participation. I creatively promote meeting topics and personal projects on the clubs social media pages and lastly I provide the club with great meeting topics.

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSSA)

As Student support, I Assisted in organizing the annual Mullet Event for The Public Relations Society of America networking Social.I also assisted with tabling and registration, for PR Day.

Global Medical Brigades

As the previous Director of Public Relations for Global Medical Brigades, I ensured that we were consistently posting on the clubs Instagram, and Facebook. I was responsible for providing all word of mouth promotion, and creating flyers to market our club and expand our audience. I brought awareness to the clubs mission, and our future meeting topics.


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