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American Federation for
-This website is modeled more for teachers and aspiring teachers because it gives information on how to join the union, the benifits recieved by members, key issues, and current events section where people can see what is happening within the union.

History Globe:
-This website offers various activities for students and parents to do and these activities can be used by teachers inside the classroom to supplement other material.

History Timelines:
-This website offers a variety of timelines by person, country, or events that have occurred. This would be useful for students that need to do research and teachers who are looking to plan out how they will teach the topic.

National Geographic:
-This website would be helpful students, parents, and teachers. There are various articles and videos that teachers could show their students. There is also a kids section where there are educational games available.

National Museum of American History:
-This website contains interactive media videos, primary documents, lessons, and can even schedule a visit to the museum through the site. The site also has a section for parents where they give tips for bringing kids to a museum.

New York State Education Department:
-On this website students and parents will be able to see the skills and content they or their child will need know or do in order to go through the different levels of schooling: elementary, immediate, and commencement. This site also allows for teachers to see the state standards that they need to cover while they teach.

Public Broadcasting Services:
-This website has various videos and the ability to search for subtopics within History such as U.S. History and Civilizations. There are also sections for kids, which contains games, parents, and teachers.

Social Studies For Kids:
-This webiste has various games that anyone can play from several of themes in social studies.This also has a resource section for teachers to use.

Social Studies School Service:
-This website could be useful for students, parents, and teachers. People can buy social studies books on this site and is easily assessible because you can search for books through subtopics, such as U.S. History, World History, Geography, and Economics.

Teachable Moments:
-This website is mostly directed towards teachers. This website gives teachers ideas on current events assignments for teachers to use to make sure that their students know what is going on in the world.

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