SUNY College at Plattsburgh
Plattsburgh Jersey

SUNY Plattsburgh is a small campus and community that is allows for good one on one interactions with teacher and professors. Through my experience at SUNY Plattsburgh I have developed my public speaking abilities, improved my grammar and writing skills and gained knowledge about being in the real words and interacting with professionals already in the field. Some course that have helped me learn these skills are:

Public Relations Writing
Where I learned grammar skills, how to efficiently write different types of releases and what jobs and internships will be expecting.
Public Relations Research
I learned how to correctly gather data and how to use that data to my advantage and help my employer be most successful.
Campaign Planning and Development
This class helped me to put all of my hard work into action when planning out events that were going on on campus. Utilizing my organizational skills, press release writing skills and interacting with the public for the benefit of my client.
Public Speaking
Where i learned valuable tips and tricks about talking in front of an audience and the order in which talking points should go.