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PSU Kickline

2014-2018 -also known as Cardnialette Kickline, this team is a group of girls who perform at charity events and athletic events. PSU Kickline is similar to The Rockettes, with a combination of hip-hop dancing and other mixed dancing styles.kickline

Tech Skills

I have worked with and taken classes on all of the following computer programs:

Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Outlook
Google Docs

Special Skills

I have been trained on all of the following skills through previous and current jobs:

Customer service
Making sure the customers have the best experience
Making sure products always look appealing
Food Preparation
Making sure food is ready and acceptable to serve
Public Speaking
Ability to talk to a crowd or one-on-one
Opening/ Closing
Ability to follow structure of opening and closing
Cash Handling
Responsibility of handling any income
Ability to learn and preform on device


I have performed at the charity events with the PSU Kickline and raised money for:

This event was held at SUNY Plattsburgh's field house. I have participated in the 2015 and 2016 events. This event raises money for the American Cancer Society.
This event was held at SUNY Plattsburgh's ballrooms. I have participated in the 2016 event. This event raised money for the St. Judes hospital

Hobbies/ Interest

My hobbies and interest include dancing, latest fashion trends and fitness. -- I dance with the PSU Kickline team. I watch fashion shows and frequently refer to fashion websites/ blogs to keep up with the latest trends and I also go to the gym frequently with my friends.

Contact Information 5187285659 or Or visit my LinkedIn account social media

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