Alexis N. Gabriel | Career Plans

Future Public Relations Coordinator

After graduating with a masters degree from SUNY Plattsburgh I hope to work for a large and well-known corporation as the Public Relations coordinator. I would also like to be a public relations project manager and possibly work in a casino or hotel setting. I hope to start my career right after graduating, and hopefully quickly work my way up.

I enjoy working with other people and in teams. I also enjoy meeting new people and visiting new places. I hope to travel throughout my career in order to experience new settings and gain more knowledge by seeing how differently other organizations and companies deal with public relations priorities.

So far I have completed a public speaking class, and I am currently taking journalism and public relations related classes. I have taken workshops through SUNY Plattsburgh’s work study program. I have earned certificates for completing a customer service and professionalism workshop. I also have experienced many different situations dealing with difficult and easy-going customers through the many different jobs I've had. I have worked in department store as a sales assistant, a babysitter and a waitress.

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