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SUNY Plattsburgh

At SUNY Plattsburgh, I was given the opportunity to widen my knowledge of computers: I began to learn how to program. Currently I consider myself very proficient in the programming languages of Python, C, C++, Linux and Pearl. Choosing to major in computer science and even being computer oriented prior to coming to college, has given me a chance to work with some amazing individuals. Below are some of my major classes that has helped me move a step forward towards achieving my goal of becoming a successful programmer:

Introduction To Public Speaking
Listening and interpersonal skills necessary for communicating effectively.
Introduction To UNIX/LINUX
Study of the features of the UNIX/Linux operating systems from the standpoint of a user.
Introduction To Computing And Web
Introduction to computer science through Web-based projects. Describes the basic operations of computers covering hardware and software. Covers the use of communication technology through the Internet. Focuses on problem solving and algorithms.
Discrete Math & Computer Applications
Basic propositional and predicate logic. Concepts of sets, relations and functions. Directed and undirected graphs and trees; traversals. Solving recurrences. Basic Modular arithmetic. Counting and discrete probability
Introduction To Programming
Problem solving through constructing ad-hoc algorithms and translating them into well designed and correct programs in an object-oriented programming language (currently Python).

College Activities

Executive Board

Black Onyx Club

Club Caribbean


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