Winter Season
I've always considered myself a good leader not just a leader. I see myself as someone who knows how to manage a group of people very well, not just only giving orders and instructions, but also taking criticism and using that criticism to move forward.
The love I have for photography is like no other. Despite it not being the main course that I'm taking in life, I love and enjoy taking many different photographs. I dont consider myself an expert at photography, however it is something that I know my way around very well.
Technology has been a part of my life for quite some time now, and over the course of my life, I've managed to inherit some valuable skills with a few software applications. Some of the software Im familiar with are:

Interest And Hobbies

Playing Basketball
The first time I ever played basketball was in the Seventh Grade. Ever since then I've played basketball throughout the years to follow. I played on my Junior High School team and also my High School team. Basketball is a personal therapy for me. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I play basketball to clear my mind and get away from all the turmoil.
Listening To Music
Like playing basketball, Music, especially Hip Hop, has been a therapy for me. I love listening to music with a passion. Hip-hop is my favorite genre of music to listen to and Kendrick Lamar is my favorite Hip-hop artist.
Taking Photographs
My love for photography is never ending. I love taking and also editing photographs. Taking photographs is one of my favorite things to do when I have time on my hands.


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