Abena Boateng|Education

State University of New York at Plattsburgh

I transfered to SUNY Plattsburgh my junior year, due to my major switch. I decided I wanted to be News Reporter which is why I chose the major journalism.

State University of New York at Delhi

I started going to SUNY Delhi in August 2015, with a major of criminal justice. Realizing it wasn't for me, I was able to get my Associates in Liberal Arts.

Riverside High School of Engineering and Design

Although Riverside Highschool didn't pertain to my major, I was able to learn many engineering and designing skills that have helped me throughout my classes.

College Activities and Publications

SUNY Delhi

Being senator of WIC, I was able to vote for certain policies in which the club members and I agreed upon and also requesting certain funds while representing the club in senate meetings. Furthermore, my friend and I brought cheerleading to Delhi in which they hadn't had since the 1900s. We were able to recruit over 30 girls showing them new choreography, raising money, and overall being a team sport. Being president and senator were both huge responsibilities in which show that I am dedicated and anything can happen you just have to try.

SUNY Plattsburgh

Since I am new to this university, I am still exploring different clubs in which I am interested in. I am the host of Coffee House which is an open mic show every Wednesday. I am also a student write for the school newspaper. Since I want to be a news reporter both these activities help me practice speech in writing and verbally.


Associates Degree
Suny Delhi, 2017
Prom Queen
Riverside Highschool, 2015
Founder of West African Girls Dance Group
Yonkers,NY 2014

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